ZAKA Consultants

ZAKA Consultants professionals provide Audit, Advisory and Tax services.

The term ‘ZAKA’ is a widely used word for money in South Africa and represents the simplified finance solutions, which our establishment expertly grows and sustains for our clients in the long term.

For the reason that finance is mostly viewed as a complex undertaking by a majority of our fellowman, we at ZAKA Consultants aim to take finance back to first principles, creating a newfound attractiveness without compromising on the quality of information and services provided.

We aim to make our clients comfortable with the real nature of issues, positive or negative, within their company’s finance structures in order to have clarified objectives.

Many enterprises struggle with certain aspects of finance simply because the subject isn’t the simplest to understand and this initiates the following undesirables:

• It limits a company from realizing its full potential by not taking advantage of benefits and opportunities that maybe available
• Adopting of incorrect policies resulting in costly penalties
• Unintentionally contravening the country’s finance sector laws with serious consequence.


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ZAKA Consultants is at your disposal to guide you or your establishment on how success can be achieved in the field of audits and tax services.